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If you’re looking for a fair offer on your home, you’ve come to the right place.

Say goodbye to the traditional sales process and hello to a quick and simple offer on your home.

How It Works

Avenue Homes creates a seamless, stress-free experience for selling your home. Request your fair market value cash offer from us and close in as little as 10 days. It’s that simple!

Key Benefits

Simplify your life by selling your home directly to Avenue Homes. Avoid the hassle of the traditional home sale process, and get the cash you need today.

Get My Offer

No commission fees

We are a direct buyer with no middleman, which means more money in your pocket.

We buy as-is

No inspections. No open houses. No contingencies. No hassle for you.

Close on your schedule

Close in as quickly as 10 days. You choose the date convenient for you.

Guaranteed close

Avoid the risk of non-qualified buyers. We guarantee closing on your terms.

What We Stand For

At Avenue Homes, we never treat a sale as just another transaction, because it isn’t. Your home is so much more than that.

Hear From Others

“From A to Z, Avenue Homes is always there. It’s more than a realtor, it’s more than a service. They become family because they really care about you. They really care about your family. And they really care where you live.” Michael + Claire
“We would absolutely recommend Avenue Homes. Not only do we feel their homes are well built, but we feel the staff behind them is really there to service all of our needs.” Jordan + Jennifer

Who we Are

Reimagining Urban Living

At Avenue Homes, we’re rethinking how Angelinos live. We strive to improve the community by building innovative homes to keep up with LA’s evolving lifestyle. We are a team of real estate veterans with a deep passion to help solve the housing crisis in the city we call home. We are committed to improving communities across the greater Los Angeles area and providing Angelinos with affordable living options to fit with a modern, urban lifestyle.